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Boston Immanuel Community Church represents the multi-ethnic and professional groups of people in the city located in various communities along the Northwestern coast of the US. Jesus Christ, as He showed through His sacrifice on the cross, opening the way for our salvation. Immanuel is a church is purposed to help you know Christ deeply and to form a strong and loving relationship with Him based on grace, a grace that will forgive you of your sins and grant you the power of God’s Holy Spirit to live a life that will glorify Him. The Bible tells us that it is through hearing the Word that we gain faith, allowing us to receive God’s grace, which we then share with...


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Boston Church Prays for the Work of Holy Spirit until Pentecost

After a grace-filled Easter retreat, the Boston Immanuel Church starts morning prayer time for the work of the Holy Spirit until Pentecost. During the pandemic, many feel lost and in the need of caring. The church will earnestly pray for them and put effort into the online evangelism and outreach efforts. Please continue to pray and join the evangelism team....

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40 Days Daily Lenten Devotional Until Easter

During Lent, the Boston Immanuel Church has meditated the meaning of the cross of Christ with daily lenten devotion by Dr.Christy Tran. Please contact for more information and registration.

Boston Church Holds Daily Online Prayer Meeting Toward Pentecost

Starting the month of May, Boston Immanuel Church has held daily online prayer meeting at 7pm EST. Attendants will meditate the short message from the book of Romans and pray for several prayer topics for an hour. As many people are suffering...