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Creation / Sin / Salvation through Jesus Christ / the Kingdom of God

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Boston Immanuel Community Church represents the multi-ethnic and professional groups of people in the city located in various communities along the Northestern coast of the US. 

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Every Tuesday and Thursday @ 8PM EST!

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Sunday Service 11:00AM
Wednesday Service 7:00PM
Tues & Thurs Online Bible Study : 8:00PM
Friday Prayer Meeting 7:00PM


Starting October with Joy of Salvation

On the first day of October, the Boston Immanuel Church members meditated from Luke 19:1-9 about the salvation of Zacchaeus. Even though Jews didn’t associate with tax collectors, Jesus ate

Let Us Pray for Revival Together!

Wrapping up the last week of September, Boston church members meditated on the message from Romans 2 about the sins of believers. Apostle Paul teaches the sin of gentile as


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The true identity of people of God is firstly related to service. Christians are those who offer services to God. The meaning of service cannot be defined simply. According to Paul, the service is not only offered in a limited time and space on a special day but in a whole life process offering “the bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God” as “spiritual act of worship.”