Starting October with Joy of Salvation

On the first day of October, the Boston Immanuel Church members meditated from Luke 19:1-9 about the salvation of Zacchaeus. Even though Jews didn’t associate with tax collectors, Jesus ate together with sinners saying, ‘For I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners(Matthew 9:13).

Having a heart wanting to see Jesus, Zacchaeus found sycamore-fig tree and Jesus ask him to come down from the tree and meet him in a closer relationship. Coming down from the place where he sees and judges Jesus to the place where he listen to Jesus, Zacchaeus accepted Jesus as savior and repented for all of his sins. This is a great transitional steps in our path of faith and salvation. We need to come down to the humble place of listening to the Word of Jesus and accept what He has done in our lives in our hearts.

Christian faith doesn’t end up with listening and acceptance as well. After meeting Jesus, his whole life was greatly changed. When we meet Jesus as our Lord, our life cannot be same as before.

Church members shared the meaningful reflections after the service. With joy of salvation in Jesus, we will continue to share our testimonies of life like Zacchaeus!