Boston Church Attends New England Church Planting Conference 2023

 On November 9, the minister of the Boston Immanuel Church attended New England Church Planting Conference 2023. The event was co-hosted by Golden Conwell Theological Seminary and The Send.  The president of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Dr. Scott W. Sunquist gave the first session lecture, “Why Church?” emphasizing about the need of church planting in New England where the least evangelist Christians reside in the US. He encouraged church planters to plant a church where the cross of Jesus can be revealed through its congregation. There were four more sessions, “Planting Among the
Poor and Marginalized” by Pastor Morgan Proudfoot, “Empowering Women In Church Plants” by Amy Castello, “Keeping Evangelism in Focus in Church Planting” by Sean Sears, “Partnering to
Serve the Community” by Josh Wyatt, and “Engaging the City” James Roberson.