• Boston Church Prays for the Work of Holy Spirit until Pentecost

    After a grace-filled Easter retreat, the Boston Immanuel Church starts morning prayer time for the work of the Holy Spirit until Pentecost. During the pandemic, many feel lost and in the need of caring. The church will earnestly pray for them and put effort into the online evangelism and outreach efforts. Please continue to pray and join the evangelism team. For more information, please contact to

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  • March 23 | 2021
    Easter Retreat

    Easter Retreat Info :

  • March 23 | 2021
    40 Days Daily Lenten Devotional Until Easter

    During Lent, the Boston Immanuel Church has meditated the meaning of the cross of Christ with daily lenten devotion by Dr.Christy Tran. Please contact for more information and registration.

  • May 14 | 2020
    Boston Church Holds Daily Online Prayer Meeting Toward Pentecost

    Starting the month of May, Boston Immanuel Church has held daily online prayer meeting at 7pm EST. Attendants will meditate the short message from the book of Romans and pray for several prayer topics for an hour. As many people are suffering due to COVID-19, the church hopes to gather the power of prayers to go through this difficult time with the power of the Holy Spirit. Whoever wants to join can contact for more information.

  • April 18 | 2020
    Boston Church Holds Virtual Sunday Service from Easter!

    Boston Immanuel will continue to have virtual weekly service from this Easter. Even though we are apart physically during the coronavirus pandemic, we will not cease our efforts to be united and spiritual growth in the Word of God and love of our Lord Jesus. On Easter day, we meditate the power of resurrection in Jesus through John 11:25-26. Jesus died for our sin on the cross, but gave us the eternal life through resurrection. Even though many situations are uncertain and frustrating, we will hold the promise of God that will bring all of us to eternal good through all circumstances and we give thanks to God for His love already confirmed on the calvary through His Son. Please…

  • March 29 | 2020
    Facebook Page Newly Launched

    Boston Immanuel Church has launched new facebook church page to hold online services and Bible study program. Detailed information will be announced soon. The church encourages members to continue to meditate Lenten devotionals and join online services. Members will pray together to breakthrough mission and be deeper in their personal relationship with God during the current difficult time of quarantine.

  • March 29 | 2020
    Palm Sunday